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Call for seed yield data

I received the following message via the Organic Seed Alliance ( in the USA which others here might be interested in.

In copying this over here I've lost the links from the original message. You can either check out the Seed Workers Organising group - ... id=3001064; or message me and I can forward the original email to you with all the links to submission forms and other info.

Calling all seed growers!

Have you ever thought to yourself, "Self, I wish there was an easy way to calculate how much squash to grow if I want three pounds of seed"? Or, "Did anyone else get really different amounts of seed off these two tomatoes?"

Well, I'm not actually promising a magic planting calculator that includes all your environmental variables (although that would be the coolest outcome), or to rank every tomato variety hierarchically by how much seed they produce per plant (although... I'm not promising not to do that), but I am here to collect as much data as I can about seed yield and make it into easy-to-access public information for seed growers.

Here's some ways you can get involved!

1. Sign up to share data from crops you're growing this year -- so that I can come back and ask you about seed yield after harvest.

2. Share seed yield data from prior years.

3. Get involved in the Seed Worker Organizing group!

4. Get updates on this project as we compile information worth sharing.

This is a multi-year project, but I expect us to have created data worth sharing — from farmer reports by variety and growing conditions, as well a comparison of published sources on seed crop production — in the winter of 2023.

"We" are the Seed Workers Organizing group (also called Seed Workers for a Living Wage). We are working together to tackle practical issues that affect us, where "us" is particularly people who want to be able to make a living off of seed saving while also addressing ethical and other long-range issues of our seed supply. If you're interested, join our listserv, come to our virtual meetings, or sign up to talk to one of us about your issues around seed saving.

Looking forward to working with you,

Reji Blackwood

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