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Future Zoom Sessions

We had an excellent Zoom session today. As part of that we said we'd start a thread to talk about what everyone thought should be the focus of future zoom sessions. So this is that thread! Please reply with any comments, thoughts or requests.

From my memory I think the suggestions so far were:
- talks on specific topics (which ones?)
- videos from people's gardens, so we get a kind of virtual garden visit
- talks/discussions around how we do things, eg. manage pests hitchhiking in seed

The timing of the sessions wasn't discussed. Do we want to continue doing them quarterly? Is 90 minutes a reasonable length of time? Is 5pm AEDT ok with all the timezones involved?

Also do you have any feedback on how the sessions might be improved?

Any offers of help to run future sessions? Or give a talk or facilitate a discussion on a specific topic?
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Re: Future Zoom Sessions

I'd like having topic based Zoom meetings, but after dark as I do my watering just before dark, especially on hot days.

Some topics might include:
* How to attract new members/seed saving. Getting your group known locally
* Discussions on crossing, what crosses, how to stop it, what to do if you suspect your seed might be crossed, ferals that might cross, etc.
* Harvesting ornamental seeds, natives, edimentals
* Seed cleaning
* Websites for seed saving groups
* How to share between 'difficult states (WA and TAS), regulations
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Re: Future Zoom Sessions

Some more discussion topics for future consideration:
  • What is your process for putting seed into envelopes? How do you make/print envelopes? What key information do you put on your envelopes?
  • Do you use a database or other tracking system to know what varieties you have? What value does it provide your group vs how much volunteer effort is required?
  • How do you show appreciation to your volunteers? Do you have awards or other recognition processes?
  • How do you handle training/education/upskilling of volunteers? Do you run workshops? Are they free or do attendees pay? Do you only train in seed saving or do you include the other skills your groups needs (eg. event management, volunteer coordination, grant writing etc.)?
  • Do you get funding or support from other organisations? How do you achieve that? How do you get grants?
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Re: Future Zoom Sessions

I'm pretty keen to do a session on workshops and education as already flagged - would really like to see what others have and use! :D

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