New registrations to the Australian Seed Savers Forum have been suspended.

This action is being taken because of the extraordinarily large number of spam registrations and attempts to post off-topic material to this site. This has created a large burden for the volunteer administrators of the forum.

The intent now is to move all the useful reference material from the forum to the website before closing the forum completely.

Real registered users who have posted material, especially group listings, will be contacted individually before February 2023 with details of how their information is being handled and how they may update or remove their items in the future.


As an online community, our values are kindness, respect, mutual support and collaborative knowledge sharing. Our purpose is to connect with other seed savers and seed saving groups and to share our knowledge and experiences in a way that promotes seed saving and supports others to learn and grow as seed savers.

It’s for seed savers but we are particularly focused on sharing knowledge between groups.