Seed Savers Connect

Seed Saving Groups in Australia

Active Seed Saving groups within Australia.

If you are the coordinator and representative of your local seed saving group (LSN – Local Seed Network) please let us know and we can add your group to this list. We get regular enquiries from people seeking their local seed saving group.

Adding Groups to this List

Please provide information about where you are based and how often you meet and the best way for potential new members to get in contact with you.

The minimum is the town or city where you are located for it to be placed on the map. Helpful information would be some sort of Facebook link or website link to direct people to find out how to contact you.

Our focus is to facilitate the sharing of information between groups. It’s for seed savers but we are particularly focused on sharing knowledge between groups.

As an online community, our values are kindness, respect, mutual support and collaborative knowledge sharing. Our purpose is to connect with other seed savers and seed saving groups and to share our knowledge and experiences in a way that promotes seed saving and supports others to learn and grow as seed savers.

Please send us details about your seed saving group.