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Welcome to Seed Savers Connect, a knowledge, resource and connection hub about growing and saving seeds. Seed Savers Connect is a volunteer run website and forum for seed savers and seed saving groups across Australia. We are a passionate collective of volunteers from different seed saving groups and our mission is to promote seed saving, to share the knowledge, wisdom and experiences of seed savers from across Australia and to build the food security of our communities. Through seed saving, we aim to protect our common heritage and create a sustainable future. We are motivated by our love of growing and saving seeds and our commitment to promote seed saving. We are building on the work of generations of Australian seed savers and hope to help more local seed saving groups to form and succeed, inspired by the philosophy of the Seed Savers Network

On this site, you will find guides, stories and other seed saving resources from seed savers across Australia. Contributions in the form of articles, guides, stories and photos are welcome. Please contribute to help us share the wealth of knowledge and wisdom in our community.   

Seed saving is easy and it’s for everyone. It’s simply a matter of letting your plants live a full and happy life, selecting the best specimens that have the characteristics you want to promote, and then collecting, storing and replanting the seeds in the next season. Seed saving is a cycle from seed to seed, harvesting the abundance of seeds that plants produce at the end of their lives to continue the next generation. When you grow from locally saved seed, you get plants that are adapted to your climate and soil and are more likely to thrive. It’s much cheaper than buying seedlings and when you grow from and save and share seeds, you can access an amazing range of plants and unique varieties you can’t find in your local nursery. 

Connect and Share forum

The Connect and Share forum is an online community for seed savers groups across Australia to connect with each other, share knowledge and ideas, and support each other. If you are part of a seed saving group (or would like to be, or would like to start your own!) you are welcome to join the forum and to make and respond to posts. In the Forum you can connect with other seed savers across the country, find a list of your nearest seed saving groups, get tips on how to start your own group, ask questions about seed saving or running a seed saving group, and post information and advice about seed saving.  

Our focus is to facilitate the sharing of information between groups.  It’s for seed savers but we are particularly focused on sharing knowledge between groups.    

As an online community, our values are kindness, respect, mutual support and collaborative knowledge sharing. Our purpose is to connect with other seed savers and seed saving groups and to share our knowledge and experiences in a way that promotes seed saving and supports others to learn and grow as seed savers.

Some of our forum discussion areas...

Access our forum and join in the discussion between Seed Savers in Australia – ask and maybe answer questions.

Find your closest local Seed Saving group or or find out how to start your own group and connect with other local Seed Savers

Find out about Australian Heritage Varieties and their history or share some information about what you are growing.