Seed Savers Connect

Macleay Valley Seed savers is a fledgling group of enthusiastic seed savers based in the Macleay Valley on the Mid North coast of New South Wales. The town of Kempsey is the most central economic hub of the valley. The group was created in August 2021 following local initiatives to create more resilient local communities in the wake of an extensive period of drought ending in devastating bushfires. . The group saw developing local food security and food genetic diversity as an integral part of community resilience.
our main aims are to share knowledge and expertise as well as seeds and produce amongst members, neighbours, and the wider local community. We hope to encourage a love of gardening and home food production using heirloom and non hybrid seed varieties.
At the present time we have 60 plus members but as a result of COVID 19 pandemic restrictions, we communicate through a facebook group page “macleay valley seed savers”.
Membership is free and open to all locals and we are busy organising an initial meeting to establish future directions, projects ,meeting schedule–and a potential newsletter etc( this information will be updated ASAP)