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Seed Savers National Zoom - 4th February 2024

Ever struggled to know whether your seed was mature enough to harvest? Come along and join us for another quarterly Zoom meetup of seed savers around Australia. It’s an opportunity to ask questions, share experiences, gather new ideas, learn something and connect with other seed savers.

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Ray South will start the evening by sharing what he has discovered so far about the seed microbiome, how it is acquired and what it does.

Although interested in all plants, vegetables became Ray’s passion after a brush with cancer in the 1990s. The search for health led Ray on a journey. He stopped using artificial fertilisers and ‘cides of all descriptions (pesticides, fungicides, herbicides …) and started using compost and green manures to build better, more alive soil, inspired by the work of Dr Elaine Ingham and Dr Christine Jones. 

Tired of poor germination from bought seeds he started saving his own and was delighted with the better quality of his own saved seed. Being curious by nature he went looking for scientific explanations for this notable difference in seed quality. 

One aspect that caught his attention was the discovery that, like us, plants too have a microbiome. In fact, each part of each plant has its microbiome, including the seeds it produces. 

Join us to find out how we, as home gardeners and seed growers, might help this acquisition process and thereby improve the quality of our home saved seeds.

Ray South with trees he has planted.

One of the biggest challenges when saving seeds is working out when to harvest for seed production. Some vegetables are harvested at the same maturity as they are harvested for eating – tomatoes & melons for example. But many other are harvested much, much later.

When should you cut a lettuce flower head for seed? How about beetroot? What should you do if rain is forecast?

Come along and share your tips and tricks for harvesting excellent seed, as well as hopefully expand your own knowledge.

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When: Feb 4, 2024 05:00 PM Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

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