How to contribute to these guides

We are keen for lots of people to contribute their expertise and experience to these quides. We’re intending to cover a lot of ground – species, geographical locations, climate differences. Australia is a big country and we have a very wide variety of foods that we grow as well as growing in a wide range of conditions.

We need help with writing, proof-reading, illustrations and photographs. There are roles for all levels of seed saving experience. But we’re particularly keen for subject matter experts to weigh in. Maybe you aren’t a writer but can fact check what is written. Maybe you can provide climate specific notes – we recognise that those growing in Tasmania will likely use different approaches than those growing in tropical areas even if the crops are the same species.

There are no minimum time or effort requirements for helping. It doesn’t matter if you can only do an occasional hour, or can only help with one subject page. Or you just want to point out one error or oversight. But if you have a few free months and want to coordinate a whole section that would be great too!

The easiest way to get involved is to join the regular National Australian Seed Savers Zoom meetups and talk to us there.

The development of these guides is a long term project and you are welcome to get involved at any time. We envisage they will grow and evolve as different people add their knowledge into the pool.

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