How to use these guides

These seed saving guides are written by and for Australian seed savers. The creation of these guides is a long term process. If you can’t find the information you are looking for it may not have been written yet. Please ask on the forum and the other members of the site will do their best to help.

The plants covered by these guides are the edible plants grown, harvested and eaten in Australia.

There are four main sections being built for these guides.

Getting Started – Which covers the basics of what is needed to become a seed saver and use these guides.

Quick Start Guides – The place for those new to seed saving to start. Covered here are the best crops to start your seed saving journey along with information for those in specific environments.

Seed Saving Methods – This section covers the practical techniques of how to tackle each step in growing, harvesting, processing and storing seed.

Plant Families – Here you will find detailed entries for each genus and species. This section is expected to take a significant amount of time to complete.

Looking for something specific but not sure how to find it? Use the search box – it is easy to find at the top of each page.

The guides assume the Australian context, which means units of measurement are metric, seasons are as in the Southern Hemisphere and that readers are growing within the Australian legal framework including quarantine & crop restrictions.

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