Currant Tomato



Botanical name : Solanum pimpinellifolium

Synonyms : 

Common name : Currant Tomato

  • Easy/Intermediate/Challenge
  • Lifecycle: (annual or biennial or perennial)
  • Pollination: (self, insect, wind, multiple)
  • Mating system: short description, including flower type (perfect, monoecious, dioecious etc)
  • Suggested spacing: (Same as for eating production or ?)
  • Seed specific requirements: (long or short day? Vernalisation? or…whatever)
  • Isolation distance: recommendation?
  • Population size: (reasonable guide for variety maintenance)
  • Seed maturity: short description of when seed can be harvested
  • Processing method: dry/wet ferment etc.
  • Expected seed viability: (in years)


  • Small image that represents the plant, flowers or fruits and seeds.
  • Seed
  • Seedling
  • Plant at eating stage (if leafy green etc. not fruit)
  • Plant at flowering
  • Plant fruit
  • Harvest time

Growing for seed

  • What do we need to know when growing for seed? Is it the same as growing for eating?
  • Fuller explanations of the items in the summary box where required. Highlight any particular challenges for this species.


  • What are we looking for in good seed plants?
  • How do we identify off types? Shape? Size? Flavour? Colour?
  • Should we remove plants that are more susceptible to pest or disease from the gene pool?

Diseases & Pests (Optional section)

  • Anything of note for this species and varieties.


  • How and when do we harvest for seed?
  • What are the options for harvesting seed material?
  • How do we tell when the seed is mature?
  • Are there post harvest actions that should be taken?


  • Is post-harvest (after) ripening required or recommended?
  • How do we separate the seed from the plant material?
  • What does the seed look like?
  • Is it wet or dry processed?
  • How is it done?
  • Sieved? Winnowed? Fermented?


  • How is it grown?
  • Sowing dates. Suitable climates. Germination temps etc?


  • Any relevant historical info regarding origins, cultivation and other salient details.


  • How is it used?
  • How to eat or cook it?

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